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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Plastic scraps recycling is a relative new business and a lot more can be done to get better results with simpler machines and, hopefully, cheaper prices.
To achieve the result, all  machinery manufacturers need customers support, because of the fact customers know much better than manufacturers the tricks to make a machine working the way it should, within its specific field of application.
Here a list of most common machines used into plastic recycling systems, for sorting, size reduction, separation washing, rinsing, drying and so on.
Follow the link of the one that is of interest to you.


 Plastic recycling machinery



The description of each machine is within its relative section.
In most plastic recycling lines, sorting of scraps is the very first step.
Following the link you'll find some description of what manual and automatic sorting means, the good and bad aspects of each one.
Equipment used for sorting are Bales Breaker, mainly used for bottles washing, Conveyor Belts with different set up, Metal Detectors and Separators, with different configurations and Trommels.
After separation plastic scraps should go to size reduction; in this section we will be talking about Shredders and Granulators.
A good separation is what makes the final product pure therefore there is a description of Dry Separators and wet separation with Sink-Float Tanks and Hydrocyclones.
There is also some description of different ways of washing using Washing Machines with some little explanation about Pre-Washing systems, according with the scarps you will be dealing with, together with rinsing methods with Rinse-Dryers and finally drying, that is one of the most difficult things to achieve in plastic recycling, by means of mechanical Centrifuges.
Other equipment commonly use are also Classifiers, Dosing Units, and Mixing Silo.
When your scrap is clean and dry, you may want to upgrade your final product according with what it is; for this you may want to go with an Agglomerator (densifier) specially in case of thin film washing, a Pelletizing Lines together with Polymer Filtration and speaking about PET and any Crystal Polymer, an IV upgrade through Solid State Polycondensation.
And do not forget dirt doesn't disappear but goes into Water; few words about a very important subject.
To see how to put everything together, please go to the Complete Systems page where there is a detailed description about how and why you should, or shouldn't, use each device.