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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
This is a young a fast growing business.
For both these reasons, every single day there is something new, different, a little more difficult than yesterday.
And this means most of the time there is nothing around to solve the problem.
We do engineer machines for special purposes, test them for you till they performs the way they should.


 Custom made machines for scraps recycling



After you got the best line available on the market, you customer ask you for some strange things you never heard before; and because he's a big one, you would like to deliver him the product the way he has been asking for.
After you lost some time looking around and couldn't find anything, give us a buzz and we'll see if it possible to come up with something custom made device for you to get the quality, the shape, the whatever it is your customer is trying to get from you.
Sometimes your well performing line has a little problem and you don't know who to ask to ?
If we don't know yet about your specific problem, we'll tell you if we can do something, or not and, if it is possible, we'll manufacture the device for you, run all trials and tests and fit it into your system.
Sometimes a small thing can improve the performance of the line quite a bit and you can capitalize the cost of it in no time.
Before doing that, of course, check out if some machine is already existing and, if not, give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.
Before asking for something special go first to:
Machinery for Plastic Recycling or
Complete Systems