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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 


As people already in this business already know, plastic recycling is not an easy matter.
If you are a beginner, you better watch out because even people with experience are making mistakes and here we're talking about lots of money.
So, if you get some advices you know how much it cost, if you don't, you may be lucky, and I whish you are, but if you aren't you can go in big troubles.
If you already are (in troubles) I may be able to help.






IF    YOU ARE ALREADY    IN RECYCLING and absolutely satisfied of the system you're running this is not for you.
But if you have some concerns about quality and/or throughput of your line this is what I can do for you.
First is to check, together with you, and according to your personal experience I do respect very much, all the weak points and see if I'm able to do something.
Second is to see if operating costs can be decreased by adding, replacing, moving or removing a piece of equipment.
And do not be surprised, this happens quite often.
I know you know your system more than very well, and anyway better than me, but a second opinion will not hurt.


I can tell you which way to go and why, what to do according to the source of scraps you have and, may be more important, I will tell you what not to do to avoid mistakes right at the beginning.
And people reading the left column know what I'm talking about.
Starting from feasibility study I can go all the way to:
Set up the space required for your scraps, machinery and storage area.
Laying the system out with all the utilities required.
Provide for drawing for local construction of some parts of the line.
Put all vendors together so you haven't to worry about interfaces.
Supply the logic of the system , as far as electrical and electronic control, the water circuit and so on.