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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
An extensive description of all different plastic recycling lines available, both from technological and operational point of view takes forever and it may not suites your needs.
What's good for your neighbor may not be as good for your, simply because capacity of the system is different and your separation system doesn't perform as well because of the higher capacity.
When you ask for an offer, try to be as much specific as possible to put the supplier in position to offer the right machinery.
If something goes wrong both customer and supplier will lose lots of time and money so, much better to spend a couple of days before than a month later.


 Complete plastic recycling systems



A standard plastic recycling system just does not exist. Period
Lines can be very similar, because machinery are the same, but things can vary, sometimes a lot, depending on man power, energy, water,  space availability, production rate,  final application of the product a few more, may be less important but effecting operating cost anyway.
So, if you ask to many supplier for an offer, you'll get a bunch of different things according with what the supplier is guessing right that moment.
If you know exactly what you want, you go head and choose the best quality at the cheapest price while, if you don't're in trouble.
I strongly believe the only way to lay down the proper system is to sit down with the customer and go in all possible details; misunderstandings will happen anyway but limited to little things that don't need much to be fixed.
Here after I'll make few examples of plastic recycling systems for the most common application but, please, don't take them as the Bible because, again, lot of things can be very different.
PET bottles washing lines first, with some explanation about the technology I suggest and some possible variation according to which quality flakes you're trying to get.
Then, HDPE washing lines for bottles, drums, crates and/or any olefin ground material.
LDPE/HDPE film washing lines together with Mix plastics washing and separation systems.
Also, few words about CD disks washing and Computer scraps separation and washing.
May be your specific problem is different from what's listed here but I may got some experience on what you're trying to come up with so, it worth the time to drop me a line.