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Leda plastic recycling  Plastic recycling washing line 
Plastic recycling is a new world of activity and more or less everyday somebody comes up with something interesting.
We're in touch with very many companies in this field and, by helping them we are able to help ourselves adding some more experience to the one we already have.
Give us a call because more than likely we do have a solution for your problem.


 Who we are



We're not smarter than anybody else.
We build up our experience during the (many) years of being around, installing, seeing and fixing quite many machinery and systems.
So we deeply went into each single problem and most of the time, come up with a way to overcome, bypass, skip, eliminate or solve it.
This means there is not only one way to face problems, the approach can be very different according to each single situation.
We are a group of people with technology, mechanical, macro-chemical and chemical expertise so, being together, we're pretty sure to find a solution to your problem(s).
The wrong piece of equipment into a line can downsize production and/or increase personnel requirements.
We can analyze the whole process and give you some advices about the way to go from handling the scraps to the final pelletizer.
For example, compounding your product with low cost stabilizer, lubricant, fillers etc, can add a great value to your product or, at least, get it qualified for an higher level market.

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