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For all American companies interested in plastic recycling:
In less than a month I'll be setting up a company manufacturing machinery with all American mechanical and electrical components.
Stay tuned and I'll give you all details soon.




As you can notice, the site has been set as GM engineering to provide for a better service.

Munufacturing companies will be chosen according to different jobs.

These pages are about the very many plastic recycling machinery available on the market for the recycling of plastics.

You can use these pages to gather information about methods for granulation,  separation, washing, rinsing, drying and pelletizing of different plastics available in form of scrap.

Of course I point out what I think is the best in this field, covering most of the aspects of machinery for plastic recycling.

After browsing all pages, when you think you know everything, think it over again; the reason is the fact that if you miss a small point in the construction of the plant, whatever you built is just useless.

The  concept of any line composed by a set of different machines is the fact that if one small device doesn't work, nothing works so, be careful and go deeply into each subject.

It took me 30 years  to understand what's going on running a plastic recycling system and I hope you're more clever than me and  it will take less time for you to get to it.

Plastic recycling is not an easy business so be very careful when choosing a system: not all the time the cheaper the better.

Thanks for being here.

    Information about plastic recycling machinery
Post-consumer scraps recycling
Post-consumer scraps are available in huge quantities at a low price, sometimes for free. (at least it use to be this way)
Here in details all the possibilities to get a product with good characteristics, ready to be sold to the market.
Post industrial scraps recycling
Some information about clean, already sorted. post-industrial scraps and common methods to put them back into the production process.
Machinery for  recycling
A short description of (almost) all machinery available on the market for the recycling of plastics, divided by category.
An extensive description of the different steps to achieve a good quality product with some considerations about the economics involved.
Complete systems
Post-consumer scraps need a certain number of machinery one after the other, to get a good final product.
This means if one of the components is not the right one, the entire set up is in trouble and operating costs will be high.
After you get them all, you need a way to interlock everything as far as electric, water, mechanical and pneumatic.
A good initial set up makes you to save a lot of money as far as operating costs.
Some technical information about the complete plastic recycling system and all machinery of the set up.
About us
I've been around for quite sometimes and I strongly belive I know what I'm talking about.


What about asking somebody that knows what's good and what's not ?
It may be better to spend few thousands before, and get the right set up, than few hundred thousands later.
Most of everybody calls me when is too late and money is gone.
And, more than this, what you to save to buy machinery will be a lot less than what you spend to get a consultant.
The very last machine of most of recycling lines is the extruder.
Extruders for plastic scraps should have some specific characteristics..............
Because all scraps are different and you may have a specific problem, I can make a study and run some trials for you to see if it is feasible, or not.
May be I did already face your problem and figure out the solution.
Something about ourselves Information about who we are, where are we located and some background.
Sometimes a picture tells you more than a full description.
Here some of them
If you're already in recycling, a complete layout is what you need to understand the technology.
Here some of them
Some sites to understand more about plastic recycling.
If you like to link to this site, please drop me a line and I'll get back to you as soon as I  can.
Just added some links for garbage separation systems and complete solutions heading to "zero waste" to landfills
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I'm going to publish some documents about plastic recycling once in a while so, when you have some spare time, come back to the site.       
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